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Paoli Peaks 2017-2018 Empty Paoli Peaks 2017-2018

Post by lonbordin on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:05 am

Back at PP yesterday.  Had to wait to leave due to the black ice and freezing fog. Super treacherous in the early am... like an ice rink on everything near my home.

It was below freezing for a few hours at Paoli before sunrise.  The "firmness" lasted less than an hour from open, sigh.  I got 3 runs on the Slalom board... not really enough for any kind of deep insight, it was fun though.  That effort will have to continue to wait.  The day was very warm... I was down to snow pants and a t-shirt before noon.  Always feel kinda naked without a jacket and gloves on... The snow wouldn't support full laid out carves but it wasn't super slow and it was fun. Not huge crowds for a Sunday... I'm not looking forward to the Olympic participation bump... I'm so spoiled.

I brought my son's GoPro and did some chase footage to learn the best setup. Hopefully I'll be able to improve that going forward.

Let's experiment with this forum and pictures-
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Interesting... it wanted to force the picture to landscape (which it did by rotating) when I asked it to host... didn't see an ability to change that...

Album of pictures here-
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And a Paoli Panorama-

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